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LOGYx is a software program for X-ray imaging assessment and image analysis training. It offers a wide range of real-life situations to which screening security officers are exposed, simulating a fully-featured X-ray imaging system. LOGYx is already extensively used at training centers and airports to assess the proficiency of screening personnel and raise their skills through its utilization.

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  • Location of threats within luggage
  • Plotting the proficiency levels of individual operators and groups
  • Detection rates monitored for each category of threats
  • Detailed analysis of results
  • Tracing back the operator's click sequences in pinpointing the threat
  • Generation of operator progress reports
  • Allocation of exams to specific groups of operators
  • Creation of manually or randomly-compiled exams (selection of individual luggage items and their screening orer)
  • Enac, our educational partner

  • The French National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC) has accompanied the development of LOGYx since its inception. ENAC has contributed its instructional expertise and enabled us to take advantage of the experience accumulated by the School's security training staff.

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    Logyx me permet de mieux faire mon métier et de faire progresser mes agents de façon indiscutable.

    Pierre P., responsable formation sûreté