Security : an overall approach, a common challenge

Since more than 10 years, LOGYx is developing software solution to answer organizational issues of airport security professionals.

LOGYx offers a wide range of proven solutions covering the full spectrum of training, evaluation and certification needs in the field of aviation security.
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LOGYx and partners are able to design and implement turn-key project, aiming to the strengthening of local competencies.

strengthening security

Strengthening security

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LGX Certification is an online platform for the management of professional examination, validating the end of a training cycle. A state-of-the-art solution, relying on the latest web technologies, LGX Certification let you supervise the access to a licensed job at the airport, thanks to relevant data, indicators and statistics collected at the end of each examination.
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Logiciel de formation imagerie radioscopique
LGX : an X-ray simulator designed to assess and improve screeners competencies.
  +10 000 images of real bags
  Analysis of individual and group results
  Universal and virtual keyboard
  Statistics and skills booklet
  Compliant with EU/OACI regulation
  Monitoring of regulatory training time
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Public institutions, private organization, SME, are relying on our services and are operating our software solutions for reinforcing airport security.