Manage your audits on digital tablet

Audits platform


LGX AUDIT PAD is a mobile, touch screen and cloud solution, optimizing the work of auditors during theirs missions and when they return.

Pilot your audits and benefit from a more comprehensive monitoring thanks to digital technology.


Take pictures to illustrate your audit.

Voice input

Record your interviews.


Add your comments.

TAG profil

Thanks to TAG technology, each audit is linked to its auditors.

  • During your audit mission


    Download the audit form and follow the structure of the questionnaire to successfully fill in your audit. Add value to your work thanks to the digital tablet functionalities. Issue your report easily.

  • Back from the field


    Synchronized and optimized processing time. Develop the database and overcome the challenge of big data. Generate statistics and monitoring indicators.

  • LGX AUDIT PAD : digital technology to serve your audit activity


    Homogenize work practice and process. Enhance traceability, monitoring and analysis. Manage audits groups and auditor’s profiles.

  • Dashboard monitoring


    A centralized and secured management platform. Creation of dynamic audit forms, available to download. Issue and dissemination of documents and reports.