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LOGYx now deployed in Africa

ASACA is a project aiming to the enhancement of airport security in Africa. This project is jointly carried out by ASECNA and the Cellule Régionale d’Assistance à la Sûreté de l’Aviation Civile (CRASAC) under the umbrella of French Ministry of Interior.

Currently deployed in 18 countries, the ASACA project is strengthening competencies of airport personnel involved in airport security issues.

With the resurgence of the terrorist threat on European soil, France is thus working to improve the safety of civil aviation in general by supporting financially, through the ASACA project, both the economic development of strategic partner countries and their efforts to enhance the security of main african international airports.


– Through the setting up of training sessions, in each beneficiary country, in the field of airport security

– By the adaptation of regulatory texts and the implementation of ICAO recommendations

– Through continuous assistance in the process of training and qualification of instructors

Since 2012, these 18 countries have been equipped with LGX software and are benefiting of appropriate tools and procedures to better comply with ICAO regulatory framework.

Police officers training session in Cameroon

Police officers from Maroua and Garoua airports have been trained to X-ray image interpretation through the LGX software, as part of France-Cameroon / Security cooperation.

This cooperation in the field of security between both countries is based on various actions :

– Strengthening the operational capacities of the police
– Development projects in professional training
– Fight against terrorism, corruption

This partnership aims above all to provide specific assistance to Cameroon through the funding of cooperation projects.

The training of airport police officers is part of France’s support for counter-terrorism. In October 2016, the Service de Sécurité Intérieure (SSI), under the umbrella of the French Embassy in Yaoundé, and the Cameroon Aeronautical Authority organized a training session on X-ray image interpretation for 10 police officers at Maroua and Garoua airports.

As part of ASACA project, aiming to enhance airport security in Africa, the LGX WEB simulator has already been deployed in Cameroon in 2015. Thanks to this software, airport police officers training has been carried out without difficulty.

This training software is simulating the actual working conditions at the airport and allows enhancing the operators capacities to better detect threats and prohibited articles.

The objective of this type of training is to obtain a sufficient level of competence to prevent the intrusion of illicit objects on board and thereby ensure the safety of air transport.

ASACA : Ivory Coast and Benin joined the program

Côte d’Ivoire and Benin have joined the ASACA program.

The technical and educational LOGYx team went to the site to set up the software solution in Abidjan and Cotonou.

There, local staff has been trained to the use of the LGX imagery simulator and, through the ASACA project, assistance in the implementation of training process for airport security officers has been given.

“We want to transfer our pedagogical and technological know-how in order to allow the creation of a pool of local instructors able to reinforce and maintain on the long term a suitable level of skills “(Philippe BRESSON, ENAC Certified Instructor, LOGYx Zone Africa Manager).

LOGYx solution for French customs

The General Directorate of Customs is now equipped with a complete system of training in imagery enabling the strengthening of the customs officers’ competence in the field of control and the fight against fraud.

Detection devices such as radioscopic controllers are equipment that is part of the customs officers’ work environment. They constitute one of the main means of detection, in particular as regards narcotic products as for other types of illicit goods such as weapons and explosives.

The General Directorate of Customs wanted to provide Customs officers with a system enabling them, on the one hand, to reinforce their detection skills, thanks to a better reading of the fluoroscopic imagery and, on the other hand, to perfectly master the technology of these equipments.

This mastery is naturally acquired with experience in the field, but the latest technologies, which benefit a fluoroscopic imaging simulator, now make it possible to accelerate learning.

A simulator offers two basic advantages:

  • it first authorizes the relocation of the training of the operational workplace

Web technology allows the agent to connect remotely, regardless of where it is, provided that it has Internet access. It is therefore no longer necessary to mobilize the equipment to carry out the training.

  • it also increases the frequency of passing suspicious luggage, thus giving the officer the opportunity to reinforce his ability to detect threats he is not accustomed to seeing on a daily basis at his place of work.

The implementation of the LOGYx solution, in 2016, has made it possible to boost the imaging training center that Customs officers now enjoy, both in initial training and in continuing education.

The evolution of threats and regulations are constantly monitored by the LOGYx teams so that the training tool is closest to operational constraints.

The use of the LOGYx training system is a key element in providing effective and comprehensive training in imaging analysis.