Improving screeners competencies

Training software to enhance radioscopic image analysis


LGX WEB is a training and assessment tool, simulating the actual working conditions at the airport security checkpoint. Powerful and entertaining, LGX WEB offers to the trainees a clear picture of their detection level, and motivate them to continue developing their competencies.

Still up-to-date

Regulatory environment is changing, LOGYx is automatically following the latest developments.

Without constraints

Opening a training session, accessing the software, only with a simple internet connection.

A controlled budget

Achieve significant savings through avoidance of unnecessary investment in a complex software architecture.

Support services

LOGYx is committed to support and help you in your daily experience and operation of our training tool.


    Schedule all your training sessions


    Set up your training sessions and identify exercises to assessment tests. Training sessions management and organization is simple thanks to LGX WEB scheduling tool. The software allow you to specify the training time for each security officer category to comply with the regulatory framework (hold, cabin, cargo/mail and supplies).


    Maintain a right level of competencies


    The training are automatically generated for each screener, depending on their category and level of competencies. At any time, you can take the control and customize the content of the training exercise and assess the detection level of your trainees.


    Manage the TIP failure and the Image Interpretation Standardized Test


    In case of miss rate and false alarm rate (non-TIP event), security officers need to follow complementary training program and pass an image interpretation standardized exam. LGX WEB is offering a dedicated functionality to automatically generate the content of this individual examination, depending on the threat category detection to improve.


    Free yourself from administrative constraints


    Generate pedagogical reports, progress reviews, mandatory adminitrative documents and schedule their dissemination to the right recipients. Set up specific alerts to know if one of your trainees is facing difficulties or to check individually if time spent on training is complying with the regulations.