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Setting up an e-certification platform : an exhaustive process

Assessment of skills and validation of acquired knowledge

LOGYx provides assistance in implementing an exhaustive certification process allowing you to warranty, through an examination, that competencies of your licensed personnel are achieved.

This pedagogical and technical support is covering the whole certification process : from the exam application, the design of examination content (theoretical and practical), to the issue of the diploma.



Regulatory framework
Quality control

Key points

How to practically combine the regulatory framework, the training objectives of the plan and the monitoring learning achievement, before delivering any work authorization ?


Assess a level of competencies in a fair and reliable manner, and attest assimilation of knowledge by a diploma
Warranty, at the end of standardized process, that knowledge and skills acquired are complying with the regulatory requirements
Supervise the access to the job, thanks to both qualitative (weighting by competencies) and quantity-based (numerus clausus) selection


A streamlined organization thanks to a decentralized management
National examination, multisite, at any time of the year
A fair, efficient and secured process
Totally paperless, real-time generation of the exam, corrections and results available within 24h
And improved and easier supervision thanks to statistical data
Available on line, directly exploitable, automatic report, performance analysis, learning difficulties detection…

A formal evaluation and confirmation by or on behalf of the appropriate authority for aviation security that a person possesses the necessary competencies to perform assigned functions to an acceptable level as defined by the appropriate authority.

Reminder : ICAO Annex 17, DOC 8973

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