On-line certification platform

On-line certification solution


LGX Certification is an on-line platform, allowing an easy and secure management of a certification process, from the exam application to the issue of the diploma. LGX Certification also includes the support to the examination content design, to evaluate as much theoretical as practical knowledge.

Once the content defined in accordance with your training objectives, the certification platform is generating automatically and securely an unique exam at each applicant examination session. LGX Certification is the best solution to assess a level of competencies in a fair and reliable manner, and attest assimilation of knowledge by a diploma.


Theoretical module

Customization of MCQ (number of questions/answers), random selection and management of various media (image, video…)

Practical module

Project management : assistance to the design and creation of customized control units.

Quality control

Statistical data, automatic report, indicators analysis, difficulties detection, training recommendations.

Turn key project

If you want to set up a certifying training cycle and supervise the whole process easily, please contact us.


    A full web platform


    The examination is fully dematerialized, unique and automatically generated through a secure online process, when the applicant is opening a session. Whatever the date, the location or the timetable, the applicant only has first to validate his registration, receive his login and password, and be connected to the platform.


    A customized assessment


    Design and manage the examination corresponding to your needs, from customized modules allowing a precise assessment of theoretical and practical knowledge.


    A supervision tool


    Thanks to LGX Certification platform, you will collect and analyse statistical data generated from the examination. Applicants profiling, progress reports, training center performance assessment are examples of possibilities offered by the platform to better pilot and supervise the access to the job.


    A proven solution


    Since 2013, LGX Certification platform is operated by ENAC (French National School of Civil Aviation) under the supervision of French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC). The online platform allows the certification of 8000 agents each year.