On-line training platform

LGX Classroom : your on-line training platform in the field of airport security


LGX CLASSROOM : An proven expertise in training, a library of e-learning contents, combined with a state-of-the-art software solution to properly disseminate and manage your training offer…Easy to use, intuitive, according to your ambitions.

White labelling

A customized E-learning platform, reflecting your organization, your activities.


An easy setting up of new E-learning modules to better and quickly answer your training needs.

A controlled budget

No time lost, thanks to training sessions scheduled and organized close to the activity location or at your office.

Training time management

Each trainee is able to follow its own pace, depending on its own schedule and availability.


    E-learning new approach


    LGX Classroom in an e-learning platform offering a new pedagogical experience (serious game, 2D & 3D, animations…) to trainees for a long-term and playful training.



    Design of your training catalogue


    Training contents, design of the platform architecture, we are making available your training catalogue online.


    Pilot your platform


    Manage your e-learning project : thanks to effective tools, set attainable training objectives, monitor trainees progress, and strengthen the core competencies.


    Collect and analyse data


    The complete report and detailed review of training sessions attended by your e-learning platform users will allow you to better specify necessary prerequisites and adapt your training programs. The training booklet will help in tracking training.