Police officers from Maroua and Garoua airports have been trained to X-ray image interpretation through the LGX software, as part of France-Cameroon / Security cooperation.

This cooperation in the field of security between both countries is based on various actions :

– Strengthening the operational capacities of the police
– Development projects in professional training
– Fight against terrorism, corruption

This partnership aims above all to provide specific assistance to Cameroon through the funding of cooperation projects.

The training of airport police officers is part of France’s support for counter-terrorism. In October 2016, the Service de Sécurité Intérieure (SSI), under the umbrella of the French Embassy in Yaoundé, and the Cameroon Aeronautical Authority organized a training session on X-ray image interpretation for 10 police officers at Maroua and Garoua airports.

As part of ASACA project, aiming to enhance airport security in Africa, the LGX WEB simulator has already been deployed in Cameroon in 2015. Thanks to this software, airport police officers training has been carried out without difficulty.

This training software is simulating the actual working conditions at the airport and allows enhancing the operators capacities to better detect threats and prohibited articles.

The objective of this type of training is to obtain a sufficient level of competence to prevent the intrusion of illicit objects on board and thereby ensure the safety of air transport.