Human resources

Consultancy in optimizing operational resources

Our expertise

From our training experience in the field of airport security, we are proposing on regular basis to our clients our expertise in sizing their workforce in regards to their operational needs.
Following an exhaustive analysis of the current situation and future projects, we provide them with recommendations to dimension their staff correctly, at the right level to face the workload.

Definition of security activity

From the collected informations, we evaluate precisely the necessary amount of time to achieve mandatory tasks related to airport security.

Optimization of the workforce

We define with you the necessary workforce to carry the workload and enhance staff productivity.

Definition of the operational schedule

We provide you a tentative schedule taking into account possible increase or decrease in activity and your operational constraints.

Support in optimization (costs and process)

We provide you with a clear view of your current workforce performance and suggest you areas of improvement.


We are offering our expertise in preparing bidding specifications to better supervise the outsourcing of security services.

Assistance to outsourcing process

We assist you in the process of airport security outsourcing.

Supervision of staff management

We ensure in real-time that your security workforce is fitting operational and regulatory needs.

Support to staff recruitment

We assist you in the setting up of a recruitment process, allowing you to answer regulatory and operational constraints.

Needs assessment

Project specifications

Supply / Delivery

Project management

Training and know-how transfer

Assistance and support

Warranty and maintenance

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